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Our flock of free-ranging chickens is one of the most popular features of our programs. We receive many letters and drawings from children describing how the chickens and guinea hens were their favorite part of their Earth School or Turtle Island experience.

Something Good in the World spends thousands of dollars each year on chicken feed and bedding for our flock.  We welcome donations to help care for the chickens and guinea fowl. Our Adopt-a-Chicken program has been very successful over the past year. We have established a pen pal writing project for the Earth School students who choose to take up the job of being the "voice" of a chicken.

You can help to take care of a chicken by donating just $5 a month to Something Good in the World!

Your contribution will be used to feed and maintain our flock of free-ranging, organic chickens, cared for entirely by the children and families who atttend our educational programs.

Your donation is tax-deductible. In return for your gift, you will:
- Receive a photo of your adopted chicken
- Receive its name and address so that you can write to or visit your chicken
- Receive regular reports on how your chicken is doing
- Have the privilege of collecting your very own free-range, organic eggs from our hens if you commit for one year of $5 a month ($60).

Your support is greatly appreciated! Please click below to print out the donation form:

Adopt-a-Chicken Donation Form


Mail donation form and contribution to:
Something Good in The World
624 Croton Ave
Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567


Donate online by clicking the Donate button below. If you donate online, kindly indicate it in your Donation Form and mail it to us so we know the donation came from you.