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Something Good in the World is raising funds to expand our Earth School-to-Farm programs in collaboration with the Harlem Children's Zone's Promise Academy II students.

Earth School-to-Farm educates inner city youth from high needs school districts on the origins of food, health and nutrition, and sustainable living practices.  So far, with help from individuals, local corporations and foundations, SGITW has successfully brought all of the Promise Academy II First and Second Graders to Glynwood Farm for "farm-to-table" workshops since 2011.

At Glynwood, the students learned about the relationship between farm animals and sustainable agriculture.  The children brought their vegetables from field to plate for three seasons, and discovered the part that animals play in the living systems of a farm.

Our goal is to continue to bring students from the Harlem Children's  Zone's Promise Academy II to be able to further their learning experiences,  through totally hands-on, sensory-integrated workshops, to further their three seasons of learning about health and nutrition and organic agriculture - but this time on a farm that has cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, goats, and horses, not just veggies! They will learn how animals are part of the living system of a farm, from compost to dairy products to meat, and why animals need to be respected and cared for as part of our human-planet collaboration for happiness and healthy living!

To continue this program, we need your help.  It costs $800 per day to bring the children from Harlem to spend the day engaging in our farm-based education programs and enjoying some free play time and a healthy picnic lunch outdoors.  We are asking all of the friends, fans, and supporters of Something Good in the World to make a tax-deductible contribution of anywhere from $5 to $5,000 to help us to achieve our fundraising goal.

We truly believe that educating children about healthy and sustainable living practices in harmony with the environment is essential.  Something Good in the World has been accomplishing this mission successfully over the past ten years.  Your investment now is for everyone's future, which means everyone wins, and that can only add to something good in the world.

Please share this information with friends, family members, everyone you think might be interested and excited to learn about this project.  Thank you for your support!